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All participants in premium conversion must have their FEHB premiums deducted from their pay as employees, not from their retirement annuities. In order to allow eligible reemployed annuitants an opportunity to participate in premium conversion, their FEHB enrollment must be transferred from their retirement system to their employing agency.

Transfer-in FEHB Enrollment

Under CSRS/FERS, your employing office must transfer-in your FEHB enrollment as of your effective date of participation in premium conversion. Procedures and guidelines pertaining to the transfer of the FEHB enrollment of reemployed annuitants who participate in premium conversion are outlined in Payroll Office Letter P-00-13Adobe Acrobat Version [129 KB], FEHB Premium Conversion.

Employing Agency Must Contribute Employer Share of Premium

Prior to premium conversion, the employer share of the FEHB premium for reemployed annuitants under CSRS/FERS was paid from an OPM appropriation. Effective with premium conversion, your employing office must contribute the employer share of the FEHB premium for all reemployed annuitants that are enrolled in the FEHB as employees. The employer contribution for reemployed annuitants will be remitted to OPM in the same manner as that for other employees.

Separation from Active Service

Your participation in premium conversion ends on the last day of the last pay period as an employee. When you separate from active service, your FEHB enrollment must be transferred back from your employing agency to OPM or the appropriate retirement system.

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