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If my child is not yet of legal age, do I have to appoint a legal guardian if my child is my beneficiary?

You should consult an attorney concerning such legal issues as appointing a guardian for your minor child. If you should die while your child is still a minor and he/she is entitled to your life insurance benefits, the Office of Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (OFEGLI) will not pay benefits to your minor child.

If the benefits payable are $10,000 or less, OFEGLI may pay the benefits to a surviving parent when the parent assures OFEGLI, in writing, that he/she will use the funds for the sole benefit of the child.

If benefits exceed $10,000, payment depends on whether the State where the child lives requires a guardian.

If the State requires a guardian, a court-appointed guardian can file a claim for death benefits on behalf of your minor child. In those cases, guardianship must be established before payment can be made. Natural parentage is not automatic guardianship. The guardian must have the authority granted by the court to collect money on behalf of the child. OFEGLI would then make payment to the guardian who would have to answer to the court regarding how/when he/she spent the money, depending on the details of the guardianship granted by the court.

In those States that do not require the court appointment of a guardian, OFEGLI will pay the benefits to the person responsible for the care of the child when he/she assures OFEGLI, in writing, that he/she will use the funds for the sole benefit of the child.

If there is not a guardian and one won't be appointed and the State requires one and the proceeds are greater than $10,000, OFEGLI will open an interest-bearing account payable to the minor upon reaching the legal age.

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