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How will I know if I am eligible to convert my FEGLI life insurance to a private individual policy?

When your FEGLI group life insurance terminates, you are entitled to convert your coverage to an individual policy.  Exception: If you return to Federal service in a FEGLI eligible position within three calendar days after the date your insurance stops, your coverage will continue and you are not eligible to convert. 

There is no conversion privilege if you cancel your coverage. There is no conversion privilege when your annuity or compensation is terminated and your FEGLI stops.

Under the conversion privilege, you may convert all or any part of your Basic and Optional insurance to an individual policy.  No medical examination is required, although you may be asked a few questions about your health to see if you qualify for a lower premium.  You do not have to answer these questions, but if you do not, you may be paying a higher premium than necessary.   

The individual policy will be issued by an insurance company you (or your assignee(s), if applicable) select from the list of approved companies that have been accepted by OPM as eligible and that has agreed to issue such policies under the provisions of the FEGLI contract.   

The individual policy may be for any type of life insurance customarily issued by the insurance company you select, except term insurance, universal life insurance, or any other type of life insurance with an indeterminate premium.  It cannot include disability or Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits. 

Any insurance policy purchased under the conversion privilege is a private business transaction between you and the insurance company.  The cost of the individual policy is determined by the insurance company and is based on your age and class of risk. Since you will no longer be part of the group contract, the premium payments may be much higher than the FEGLI premiums.

When your insurance terminates, your employing office must give you a Notice of Conversion Privilege (SF 2819). If you wish to convert your coverage, you must send the SF 2819 to Office of Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (OFEGLI) within the 31-day time limit for converting. Your agency must also give you an Agency Certification of Insurance Status (SF 2821). Send that form to OFEGLI along with the SF 2819.  If you do not have the SF 2821, do not delay in sending the SF 2819. Go ahead and send the SF 2819. You should request a completed SF 2821 from your agency before the expiration of the 31 day time limit and forward it to OFEGLI. OFEGLI needs the SF 2821 to calculate the amount of insurance you can convert.

Once OFEGLI has received your SF 2819 and SF 2821, it will send you a list of insurance companies that are offering conversion policies in your area.  You must contact the companies to get information on the conversion policy and the cost. 

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