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Personnel Documentation

  • If you disagree with the action that was taken rather than the way it was documented, then it's not a case where the records are wrong.  In these cases, you have to file a grievance or appeal within the required time limits.  If the records don't document what actually happened, then the records are wrong.  If you're still employed, you should contact your Human Resources Office.  If you're no longer employed, write to:

    Deputy Associate Director
    Office of the Chief Information Officer
    Office of Personnel Management
    1900 E Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20415-6000

    Include enough information to:

    *   Identify the record (your name and social security number, the name and date of the record).
    *   Explain why you think it's wrong, including any evidence supporting your position.
    *   Show how you would correct the record.

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