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Frequently Asked Questions Combined Federal Campaign

Is there a prohibition in Federal regulations or other higher-level directive that prohibits agencies from conducting other-than-CFC fund-raising activities during the CFC period?

Yes. The CFC regulations, set forth at 5 CFR §950.102, state that the CFC is the only authorized solicitation of employees in the Federal workplace on behalf of charitable organizations. No other monetary solicitation on behalf of charitable organizations may be conducted in the Federal workplace. The CFC regulations do not apply to the collection of gifts-in-kind, such as food, clothing and toys, or to the solicitation of Federal employees outside of the Federal workplace as defined by the applicable Agency Head consistent with General Services Administration regulations and any other applicable laws or regulations. Heads of departments or agencies may establish policies and procedures applicable to solicitations conducted by organizations composed of civilian employees or members of the uniformed services among their own members for organizational support or for the benefit of welfare funds for their members. Such solicitations are not subject to CFC regulations and, therefore, do not require permission of the Director.

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