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    Frequently Asked Questions::What is the process for assessing providers?

    What is the process for assessing providers?

    The HR LOB developed a four-phase process to gather data and assess the providers.  The four phases are as follows:

    1. Planning: During the Planning Phase the HR LOB will prepare for and launch the Provider Assessment.  Specifically, the HR LOB will:
      • Prepare the assessment questionnaires for the providers and customer respondents.
      • Prepare the provider and customer points of contact by explaining their roles and responsibilities in each phase of the assessment.
      • Launch the assessment by holding the Kickoff Session with providers and distributing the assessment questionnaires to customers and providers.
    2. Discovery and Analysis: During the Discovery and Analysis Phase, the HR LOB will collect and analyze the assessment data.  Specifically, the HR LOB will:
      • Receive the data from the assessment questionnaires.
      • Analyze and integrate the data from the assessment questionnaires and other HR LOB data sources.
    3. Reporting: During the Reporting Phase, the HR LOB will compile the draft assessment report and finalize the assessment report.  Specifically, the HR LOB will:

      • Write findings from the analyzed assessment data to develop the draft assessment report.
      • Share and discuss the draft report with the provider and receive the “Provider Comment” as a formal response to the assessment results and recommendations.
      • Incorporate “Provider Comment,” finalize, and distribute assessment report to provider, customers, and MAESC.
    4. Program Improvement: During the Program Improvement Phase, the HR LOB will capture lessons learned and publish assessment program changes after the assessment is completed.  Specifically, the HR LOB will: 
      • Solicit lessons learned from stakeholders.
      • Formulate the lessons learned into program improvement recommendations and present the recommendations to stakeholders.
      • Finalize program improvements and revise assessment tools and templates.

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