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What are my CSRS Total years of service for retirement benefit? 1. I have SF50s from temporary appt NTE dates with service comp dates from 1979 due to a few summer part time jobs working for the US Army. When I became full time Career Employee, I paid into CSRS for the total NTE times accumulated during those summer jobs. My service comp date now shows 1980 when I became a career employee. Part of my CSRS Career Employee time was spent with the Dept. of the Army. I am currently Career Employee with the Dept of the NAVY. The online personnel TWMS/MyBiz programs only show a portion of my Dept of Navy working history. I have no break in service. How do I find out my actual service comp date, and how many years of accumulated service to figure out my retirement as I am currently 54yrs old. Is there a OPM online resource that has all my service time, including the redeposited NTE time for service accural?

OPM maintains retirment records for individuals who have separated from federal service. Your Personnel office maintains your Official Personnel Folder (OPF) which contains all your SF50's during your federal employement. They would be able to provide you with a list of your total service and what service is creditable for retirement purposes.

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