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Frequently Asked Questions Retirement

I have just begun receiving Social Security disability benefits. Does this type of Social Security payment make me ineligible to continue receiving the supplement?

First, find out if they are receiving a disability annuity from OPM. If they are, send them up to the FERS Branch for review. (Disability annuitants are not eligible to receive the FERS annuity supplement.)

For those regular FERS annuitants who are eligible for the annuity supplement and a SSA disability insurance benefit, the SSA disability benefit does not cancel out the annuity supplement.

The rule is that they receive the annuity supplement through the last day of the month preceding the first month for which such individual would, on proper application, be entitled to old age insurance benefits under title II of the Social Security Act, but not later than the last day of the month in which such individual attains age 62. (5 USC 8421(a)(3)(B)).

In the 1988 Social Security Handbook, old age insurance benefits are payable to an individual age 62 or over meeting certain service requirements.

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