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Frequently Asked Questions Telework

I really want to start teleworking. How do I go about getting approval from my manager?

Although the Telework Enhancement Act requires every Executive agency to establish and implement a policy to authorize employees to telework, it is important to remember that eligibility criterion is established at the agency level based on mission and operational needs.

Also, even though eligibility is established at the agency level subject to the requirements of the Act and collective bargaining agreements, the final decision is still subject to manager approval.

So to obtain that approval to telework you may want to follow the following steps:

  • Familiarize yourself with your agency’s telework policies and procedures.
  • Schedule a meeting with your manager to show you are serious about teleworking.  
  • Make the request.  Remember an employee may request a telework arrangement either verbally or in writing.  However, by submitting a written application along with a written proposal can serve as a guide and an organizational tool for your discussion with your manager.
Think like a manager, in particular, your manager:
  • Focus on the nuts and bolts of your telework arrangement, such as how things will be done or how communication will occur.
  • In some cases it may be better to explain how it will benefit the agency/organization more than how it will benefit you.
  • Focus on telework’s positive effects on your work responsibilities.
  • Be flexible about your proposed telework arrangement.

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