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    Frequently Asked Questions::I am applying for numerous federal jobs. I missed my appointment

    I am applying for numerous federal jobs. I missed my appointment with my accountant this April and was not able to get another in time for April 15. I have not filed my federal tax return yet. I always get refunds so I don't get too concerned about this. If you have not filed your taxes, but do not owe anything, how will this affect employment with the Federal Government. Can I simply file my taxes to fix this? Could I get hired without having filed my taxes?

    Each agency to which you apply will be responsible for making the appropriate access, fitness, suitability and/or clearance determination for any position for which you are being considered.  Therefore, it will be up to the agency to decide the impact not filing Federal taxes has on the decision to hire you.

    When asked on any Federal application or background investigation documents, you would be required to report the applicable information related to the non-filing and/or non-payment of your Federal taxes.  

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