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May students appointed to one of these programs remain on the appointment once they have completed their educational requirements?

Students appointed to the Student Career Experience Program who have met all requirements of the program and have satisfactorily completed the requirements of their diplomas may continue on the appointment for 120 days beyond the date of completing their work and academic requirements. This 120 day period is permitted by Executive Order 12015. At the end of the 120-days, if the graduate has not been converted to a position in the competitive service, he/she must be separated.

Once a student appointed to the Student Temporary Employment Program has completed the requirements for his/her degree/diploma/certificate (as appropriate), he/she is no longer a student as defined by 5 CFR ยง 213.3202(a)(2), and must be separated, even if the NTE date on their current appointment has not been reached. The reason for the separation is that people in this situation are no longer "students" and therefore no longer meet the basic eligibility for the program. Executive Order 12015 does not permit these graduates to remain on a STEP appointment beyond the date of completing academic requirements. If enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an additional educational program, they may be given a new appointment.

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