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Frequently Asked Questions Investigations

What is the process for completing my investigative form using e-QIP?

Once you have been notified that you have been given access by a sponsoring agency, login by clicking the "Register for Username and Password" button on the right-hand side of the screen, inputting your Social Security Number (SSN) or request ID if you do not have a SSN, answering default Golden Questions, creating a username and password and creating Challenge Questions. Username and password will be all that is needed to login after initial registration. After creating your Challenge Questions, e-QIP presents you with the Main Menu. Select the link entitled, "Enter Your Data" from the main menu screen. After reading all instructions, you can now begin entering your personal data. In order to ensure the completeness of your data, a validation routine will run after each page is submitted. The validation routine will point out any errors and provided detailed instructions on how to satisfy each incorrect or missing item. When you are satisfied that your form is complete, select the "Display" link from the main menu. After a final review of your data, select the "Certify Your Investigation Request" button to finish your form. On the last screen make sure to print a copy for your records and print and sign each form that has a blank for your signature. Only after you have printed and signed the appropriate signature pages, should you click on the final link entitled, "Release Request/Transmit to Agency."

Note: You can only login to e-QIP when your sponsoring agency grants you access.

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