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Will I continue to be covered by my DC Health Link plan if I go into ‘leave without pay to perform military service’?

Generally employees in that status may continue their employer-sponsored DC Health Link coverage for up to 2 years.  The employer continues to pay the employer contribution for the first year and pays the employee contribution on the employee’s behalf. The employee encounters a debt for the employee portion.  For the second year, the employer pays the entire premium on the employee’s behalf.  The employee incurs a debt for the entire premium amount.  Based on USERRA, the employer may choose to waive this debt if the employee returns to service with the agency within the requirements set forth in USERRA. Check with your agency’s benefits officer if you have questions on this.  You may also choose to cancel your DC Health Link coverage based on LWOP-Military and you may choose to re-enroll upon your return from active duty

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