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Healthcare Ensuring Quality Healthcare

Our goal: Better Care and Better Health at Lower Cost.

The Office of Personnel Management(OPM) is proud to provide quality healthcare choices. All FEHB plans support quality with educated health professionals, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, accurate medical records, and open communication. OPM's definition and evaluation of quality care is strengthened by your health plan selection, feedback, and health improvement.

Why is quality healthcare important to me?

The plan you choose can make a difference in your health! A quality health plan will:

  • Improve healthcare outcomes by using evidence - based research and technology to promote the selection and delivery of the best possible care.
  • Reduce unnecessary health care costs, which may save you money.

How does OPM help me select quality healthcare?

  • We work with health plans to advance healthcare delivery, concentrating on common health conditions to provide overall better patient health.
  • We offer health plans that build a positive healthcare experience, responding attentively to patient feedback regarding doctors and services.
  • We incentivize health plans to slow the growth of healthcare costs, so that all enrollees can afford quality care (and perhaps save more money to take that family vacation!).

Look up the healthcare quality and customer experience scores for plans in your area.

If you live overseas, you can use zip code 99999 to search for plans with overseas coverage.

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