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When I retired four years ago I was not able to continue my Option B coverage into retirement because I had it for only two years before retirement. I have been a reemployed annuitant for three years now and I have Option B. Will I be able to continue it when I separate?

Yes. If you meet the five-year requirement when your reemployment terminates, you will be able to continue your Option B. An example of this may help you to understand.

Gabriela had Basic since she was first employed with the Federal Government and Option B, two multiples, since March 1991. She retired in June 1993. She was not able to continue her Option B. She was reemployed as a reemployed annuitant in June 1996. She elected Option B, two multiples as an employee. She worked until December 1999. She is now eligible to continue her Option B, 2 multiples, into retirement because she has had it for the five years of service immediately preceding her separation in 1999.

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