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Work/Life & Benefits

At OPM, we work hard but we know that to perform at your highest level, you have to keep your life in balance. That’s why we offer programs and workplace policies to support flexibility, health, and wellness.

Workplace Flexibility & Telework

OPM offers our employees the opportunity to take advantage of flexible work arrangements, such as alternative work schedules, telework, job sharing, and leave programs. For some positions, managers embrace a distributed workforce philosophy that reaches beyond the traditional office environment in order to give employees more control over when and where they can accomplish their best work. These flexibilities enable employees to meet their responsibilities at and away from work.


From model child care programs to flexible spending accounts, OPM offers a wide range of family support tools for working parents and caregivers. Our Child Care Subsidy Program ensures that all employees have access to child care services that fulfill their needs. Additionally, we offer a variety of leave programs designed to help employees meet their dependent care needs.

Health & Wellness

Physical and mental well-being are key components of a healthy workforce. Beyond offering comprehensive health benefits (insurance and flexible spending accounts), OPM provides support and assistance to help employees enhance their mental and physical well-being, prevent health problems, engage in health-promoting behaviors, and find assistance and support in times of need.

Retirement & Insurance Benefits

OPM offers a comprehensive benefits package. Get an overview of the benefits currently offered.

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