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Appendix B

Listing of Tables

Table # Title of Table
1 Strategic Goals
2 Position the Federal Government as a Model Employer - Performance Measure
3 Transform OPM’s Organizational Capacity and Capability to Better Serve as the Leader in Federal Human Capital Management – Performance Measure
4 Create a Human-Centered Customer Experience – Performance Measure
5 Provide Innovative and Data-Driven Solutions to Enable Agencies to Meet Their Missions innovation - Performance Measure X
6 Net Assets Available for Benefits
7 Net Cost to Provide CSRS Benefits
8 Net Cost to Provide FERS Benefits
9 Net Cost to Provide Health Benefits
10 Costs to Provide Health Benefits
11 Net Cost to Provide Life Insurance Benefits
12 Sources of Budgetary Resources
13 Obligations Incurred by Program
14 Inspector General Audit Findings
15 Fund Balance with Treasury
16 Investments, Net - Intragovernmental
17 Accounts Receivable, Net - Intragovernmental
18 Accounts Receivable, Net - With the Public
19 Federal Employee Benefits Payable
20 Reconciliation of Actuarial Liabilities
21 Pension Economic Assumptions
22 Post-Retirement Health Benefits Economic Assumptions
23 Post-Retirement Health Benefits of Assumptions
24 Life Insurance Economic Assumptions
25 Intragovernmental Liabilities
26 Liabilities Not Covered by Budgetary Resources
27 Commitments and Contingencies
28 Net Cost by Strategic Goals
29 Availability of Unobligated Balances – Retirement Program
30 Availability of Unobligated Balances – Health Benefits and Life Insurance Programs
31 Apportionment Categories of Incurred Obligations
32 Comparison of Combined Statements of Budgetary Resources to the President’s Budget
33 Undelivered Orders End of Period
34 Reclassification of Statement of Net Cost and Statement of Changes in Net Position
35 Summary of Financial Statement Audit
36 Summary of Management Assurances
37 Debt Management Activity
38 Travel Card Usage
39 Purchase Cards
40 Civil Monetary Penalty Inflation Adjustment

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