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Individuals with Disabilities

Hiring Persons with Disabilities

Creating a diverse workforce is our business every day at OPM—both throughout the Federal government and within our own agency. The President has charged us with the responsibility to help Federal agencies recruit and retain persons with disabilities in the workforce. To help us meet this responsibility and other strategic objectives, we rely on the diverse talents and perspectives of all individuals. We work to ensure that every reasonable accommodation has been met to create a comfortable work environment for all. In 2013, 26.42% of full time permanent new employees at OPM, including Veterans who are 30% of more disabled, were people with disabilities.

People with disabilities may apply for jobs at OPM through regular "competitive" procedures or under special "non-competitive" hiring authorities. Learn the difference between the competitive and non-competitive hiring processes and how special hiring authorities work. If you are a person with a disability who is interested in working at OPM:

  • Check out our job announcements on USAJOBS and apply for any open positions that interest you and that you qualify for to compete for a position. If you are eligible for any special hiring authorities, your application will also be flagged for non-competitive consideration.
  • If you are eligible to be considered under a special hiring authority, you may submit your application to be non-competitively considered even when we don’t have a current job opportunity announcement posted.
    • If you are a veteran with a 30% or more service-connected disability, you may submit your application and documentation.
    •  If you are a person who is eligible for a Schedule A appointment (People with Intellectual Disabilities, Severe Physical Disabilities, or Psychiatric Disabilities who have documentation from a licensed medical professional or other entity), you may submit your documentation.

Work for OPM

For assistance and information about Jobs at OPM for people with disabilities, contact Emily Pepka and Deborah Baker at

For information about jobs at other Federal agencies contact the Selective Placement Program Coordinator for individual agencies.

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