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Certification and Quality Assurance


Agencies are required to certify that the information provided to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management is complete, accurate, and reliable.

Quality Assurance

Data quality assurance involves the process of data cleaning and screening for accuracy, consistency, timeliness, and compliance.

Agencies are required to conduct quality assurance of data on a regular basis (and, at minimum, prior to certification) to confirm that data elements are complete, accurate, and reliable. Quality checks may include:

  • Crosscheck of the agency human resource information system (and/or pay system) with records within OPM’s Executive and Schedule C System (ESCS).
  • Crosscheck of all required data fields against completed personnel actions.
  • Update of any new and corrected personnel actions to ESCS.
  • • Review of random selection of records on a regular basis to confirm that all data fields are completed and accurate.

It is the responsibility of each individual agency to ensure that the information it provides is not prohibited from disclosure under federal law.

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