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Data Reports

Report on Demographic Questions by Agency

This report displays counts and percentages by participating agencies' demographic and workforce profile (e.g., work location, supervisory status, sex, age, pay category, intention to retire) for the three most recent administrations of the OPM FEVS. Both respondent counts and percentage estimates are unweighted.

Response Rate by Agency

This report displays the percentage of individuals that responded to the survey by participating agency and governmentwide.

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Index Results by Agency

The ratings are based on percent positive scores of the items that make up each index. The ratings provide a reliable assessment of where agencies fall within each index: HCAAF, Employee Engagement, Global Satisfaction, and the New IQ. An agency can look at the various items that comprise each index to get a richer understanding of the areas they are doing well in and areas that need improvement. Subindex scores are calculated by averaging the unrounded percent positive of each of the items in the subindex. To view index rating select from the options below.

Employee Engagement Index Results by Agency

The Engagement Index assesses the critical conditions conducive for employee engagement (e.g., effective leadership, work which provides meaning to employees, etc.). It is made up of three subfactors: Leaders Lead, Supervisors, and Intrinsic Work Experience.

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HCAAF Results by Agency

To guide Governmentwide efforts to support agency mission results with strong human capital strategies, OPM created the Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework (HCAAF). The results of the OPM FEVS provide a single source of information for evaluating success in the three HCAAF implementation systems: Leadership and Knowledge Management, Results-Oriented Performance Culture, and Talent Management. The HCAAF consists of 39 items that are grouped into four indices: Leadership and Knowledge Management, Results-Oriented Performance Culture, Talent Management, and Job Satisfaction.

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Global Satisfaction Index Results by Agency

The Global Satisfaction Index is a combination of employees’ satisfaction with their job, their pay, and their organization, plus their willingness to recommend their organization as a good place to work.

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New IQ Results by Agency

The New IQ was built on the concept that individual behaviors, repeated over time, form the habits that create the essential building blocks of an inclusive environment. These behaviors can be learned, practiced, and developed into habits of inclusiveness and subsequently improve the inclusive intelligence of organizational members. The New IQ consists of 20 items that are related to inclusive environments. These 20 items are grouped into “5 Habits of Inclusion”: Fair, Open, Cooperative, Supportive, and Empowering.

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