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Assessment & Evaluation Evaluation

OPM’s program evaluation services are designed to help agencies empirically demonstrate the effectiveness of their HR programs.   OPM uses rigorous evaluation approaches, causal evaluation models, and HR metrics and tools (including surveys and focus groups) to determine whether agency programs are achieving their goals.  Our evaluation projects have examined pay-for-performance demonstration projects, leadership development programs, and HR programs aimed at addressing high demand occupations.

Our evaluation services are customized to meet the specific needs of the agency.  We work with the agency to design and develop an evaluation plan, then use multiple methods and approaches to collect necessary data during the baseline, implementation, and summary phases.  Our approach incorporates workforce data, human capital metrics, customized surveys, focus groups, interviews, and/or program performance data to develop a comprehensive assessment of a program’s effectiveness.  Additionally, we can provide the technical support necessary for agencies conducting their own evaluations.

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