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Individual Assessment

Assessments for selection, promotion, and career development

OPM provides Federal agencies with assessment solutions and assistance to maximize return on investment in the selection and development of leaders and staff.  Assessments, which are systematic approaches for evaluating individuals' talents and capabilities, can be used to make a wide variety of decisions about applicants and employees. In OPM's recent Hiring Reform efforts, the implementation of higher quality assessments was identified as one of the single most critical steps an agency can take to improve the quality of hires.

OPM can assist agencies with development and validation of innovative, efficient, and cost-effective assessments that measure general and technical competencies for employee selection, promotion, and career development purposes.  Among the assessments offered are online assessments which were developed as part of OPM's Hiring Reform initiative and which are designed to be used across multiple governmentwide occupations.  With a staff of highly experienced personnel research psychologists, we offer a variety of assessment products and services that can be purchased off-the-shelf or tailored to meet an agency's assessment needs, including:

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