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Human Capital Information Model (HCIM)



The President’s Management Agenda highlights the need for interoperable Human Capital (HC) systems that enable paperless data collection and exchange across the federal human capital information ecosystem. To realize this vision of modernizing federal human capital information collection and exchange, the Office of Personnel Management, Human Resources Line of Business (HRLOB) has modernized human capital data standards into a Human Capital Information Model (HCIM). The HCIM standards provide a common language for exchanging data and information across the federal human capital lifecycle. The HCIM offers digital standards (data elements, domain values, and systems and forms mapping) to support and accelerate the adoption process.

Aligning HC data collection and exchange needs with statutory, regulatory and policy guidance, the HCIM comprises the official standards for human capital data collection and exchange. The HCIM is also closely linked to the Human Capital Business Reference Model (HCBRM). The HCIM is cross walked to the HCBRM related processes and related systems and forms. The HCIM processes that produce the HCIM components establish HC data governance, management, and quality standards. Specifically, the HCIM consists of globally defined metadata and information packages, which are used to standardize the collection and exchange of human capital data between federal agencies, federal shared services providers, policy makers, regulators, academia, industry, and the public.

The HRLOB champions the HC data standardization initiative by ensuring proper governance and coordinating the subject matter experts needed to inform and validate the development of the Federal HC Data Standard. As such, the HRLOB facilitates interaction with various agencies human capital representatives as well as external industry partners. This collaboration helps to propagate standards throughout the federal government and facilitates the adoption of standards in industry leading human capital IT systems.  Additionally, the HRLOB partners with GSA’s Business Standards Council (BSC) to harmonize data standards across other lines of business (e.g. Travel, Financial Management, Grants) and promote Governmentwide adoption.

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HCIM Products

Data Registry – Serves as the primary catalog of current human capital data elements derived from standard government forms, systems, and processes. The Data Registry includes a change log of new, changed or withdrawn elements between releases along with the corresponding metadata for each element.

Domain Values - Serves as a catalogue of all possible data values and the associated HCIM data elements.  Domain Values promote interoperability of data by defining a common set of codes and corresponding business terms linked to the associated data element.

Systems and Forms Mapping - Shows the relationship between the HCIM data standard and common human capital forms and systems.

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