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HR Technical Training



Technical Training Solutions

In addition to onsite and virtual assistance, Staff Acquisition has a portfolio of ready-to-deliver curricula that will train your workforce in best practices in staffing and recruitment. Our HR professionals and personnel psychologists are highly skilled instructors. Our sessions range from half-day workshops to one-week courses and can be provided remotely or onsite. We possess the expertise necessary to rapidly develop new sessions or modify existing sessions to meet your particular needs. Below is a list of our most popular courses.

  • Adjudicating Veterans' Preference
  • Best Practices in Assessment Questionnaire Development
  • Category Rating
  • DEU Certification Sessions
  • Federal Wage System Examining
  • Hiring Flexibilities Workshop
  • Merit System Principles and Prohibited Personnel Practices
  • Qualifications Analysis
  • Workshop: How Hiring Managers are Improving the Federal Hiring Process

Adjudicating Veterans' Preference

A one-day training on adjudicating veterans’ preference will ensure your HR Specialists have a firm understanding of why preference is given; how to identify when preference applies; the different types of preference; when to accept late applications from preference eligibles; and how to determine which wars, campaigns, and expeditions qualify for preference. This workshop will make your HR Specialists more efficient and accurate in adjudicating veterans’ preference.

Best Practices in Assessment Questionnaire Development

This two-day training is designed to equip HR Specialists with the ability to employ best practices in job analysis and the development of assessment questionnaires in an automated environment (such as, USA Staffing). The course covers a variety of topics aimed at developing quality questionnaire content and improving the effectiveness of assessment questionnaires. This session also includes expanded models and exercises focused on the most relevant needs of your staff acquisition employees. In addition, we provide each participant with a customized handbook that supplements agency standard operating procedures, and the Delegated Examining Operations Handbook.

Category Rating

The one-day training on this rating and ranking procedure will enable your agency to increase the number of eligible candidates from which a selecting official can choose. The workshop will include administering your assessment tool, distinguishing differences in quality based on job related competencies/KSAs, defining categories, applying veterans preference, and making valid and legal selections.

Creating an Effective Streamlined Job Opportunity Announcement

The job opportunity announcement is the primary recruitment tool for most Federal job openings. It is critical the announcement serve not only as public notice of a vacancy, but also as a promotional tool for the agency and job. This one-day workshop includes the regulatory requirements of posting jobs; utilizing templates; writing clearly and concisely; effectively describing job duties, experience requirements and benefits; marketing the agency and the job all in a streamlined, easy to read format.

Delegated Examining Unit Certification Training

Our examining experts will hold an agency-specific certification session at your office. The session will include topics such as OPM and agency responsibilities; identifying a job’s key competencies and effective assessments; recruiting and announcing the job; accepting and reviewing applications; assessing applicants; certifying eligibles; reporting requirements, and Merit Systems accountability.

Hiring Flexibilities Workshop

This workshop will ensure your HR staff is primed to take advantage of a multitude of appropriate hiring flexibilities. Flexibilities may include: appointing highly skilled, trained, and dedicated veterans; attracting new talent by recruiting and hiring students at all levels of the organization; finding and hiring people with disabilities, and using category rating to maximize the number of applicants that could be selected for a position. We will also research your agency specific hiring flexibilities and refresh your staff on their benefits and use.

Recruiters Workshop

Staff Acquisition can turn HR staff and managers into extraordinary recruiters with this two-day training. This session covers the application process, candidate sourcing, adherence to Merit System Principles, building partnerships, personal and organizational marketing, and measurement and evaluation. Armed with these competencies, your recruiters will be able to reach and attract top talent.

Workshop: How Hiring Managers Are Improving the Federal Hiring Process

This workshop outlines specific ways in which hiring managers can help to ensure quality hires using an assessment model commonly adopted by agencies using USA Staffing. Specifically, this workshop will: (1) review the goals of hiring reform and benefits associated with hiring manager involvement; (2) discuss six broad roles that hiring managers can play to help ensure quality hires; (3) identify criteria to be considered when developing and/or reviewing automated assessment questionnaires used to prescreen applicants; and (4) describe steps for maximizing the effectiveness of the interview process used to assess top candidates.

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