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Classification Program Evaluation

If your organization is in need of thorough review of your classification program, we have the experience and resources you need.  Whether it is in preparation for an audit, in preparation for a reduction in force, as part of a reorganization, or it’s just been too long, we can assist you in reviewing, modifying, and implementing classification guidance, standard operating procedures, PD libraries, and much more.  When you work with OPM you can expect your position classification program evaluation to include a full evaluation of your classification program in an effort to advise and assist in assuring your program complies with legal and regulatory requirements.  Our evaluation is not a compliance or accountability audit.  It is only performed on a reimbursable basis, at your request.  The report will be submitted to your agency leadership alone.  Actions to be taken on recommendations are completely at the discretion of agency leadership.  Classification program evaluations are valuable in reduction-in-force actions, competitive sourcing, classification appeals and other third party actions.  In a typical program review, we research a representative sample of your position descriptions and evaluation statements; assess the position classification systems and records; interview classification staff to gain input regarding the organizational environment in which the classification program operates; review and edit standard operating procedures and quality control measures, and provide a written report of findings along with recommendations for improving the classification program.

As a final step in the classification process, we can develop a comprehensive evaluation statement for any position that we review, write a position description on, or advise on, that documents a thorough analysis of the position’s characteristics in comparison with appropriate position classification standards, and conclude with a recommended title, series, and grade based on the analysis.  We can provide any level of narrative required with the typical evaluation statement conducting a full evaluation of each factor level in caparison to the surrounding factor levels (one up, one down approach).

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