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Succession Risk Assessment

Succession Risk Assessment

Succession planning products and services help agencies plan for and address issues relating to the loss of key leaders and personnel within any level of the organization.  They include:

Individual Succession Planning and Risk Assessment

We will evaluate key leadership positions considering the required competencies, bench strength, recruitment challenges, turnover risks, etc. Our consultants will work with managers and supervisors to create a current state succession profile indicating readiness of potential leaders and leadership candidates (internal and external to the organization), and the availability and source for training and development opportunities.  We will use tools such as the 9-Block Matrix and the Succession Profile to identify the readiness of the current workforce for leadership positions. We will conduct one-on-one interviews with incumbents in targeted leadership positions to develop custom succession plans to address their specific needs. Topics covered during one-on-one interviews include:

  • Internal bench strength: the readiness and turnover risk of staff members
  • External recruitment opportunities: the strength of external networks
  • Training and development opportunities available to staff members
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to succession planning at the agency
  • Strategies and recommendations to lessen the impact of institutional knowledge loss as employees separate, and to maximize current talent utilization by closing leadership staffing and competency deficiencies

Depth Charts

Through the analysis of the 9-Block Matrix and the Succession Profile, we will develop depth charts to provide quick reference materials about the bench strength potential within your organization.  This product is valuable since it gives managers a snap shot of the available internal staff and their readiness to take on increased leadership roles. 

Individual Succession Planning and Risk Assessment Report

Based on the foregoing, we will develop a report with recommendations on assessing and positioning staff for leadership positions, based on the succession risk assessment.

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