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Services for Agencies Assessment & Evaluation

OPM psychologists are available to provide job analysis and competency modeling services for single or multiple occupations within an agency.  Services include (1) conducting focus groups and site visits, (2) development and administration of customized surveys to collect occupational task and competency data, and (3) data analysis and documentation of results according to all legal and professional guidelines.  Competency models developed as a result of an occupational analysis provide the foundation for the design of personnel selection, career development, and performance management tools for all occupations, including mission-critical occupations and leadership positions.  OPM also offers Competency Gap Analysis services to allow agencies to identify critical needs for training, development, and recruitment of staff.

HR Manager

HR Manager is an Internet-based system that provides managers and HR professionals easy access to competency-based occupational information to support a variety of HR management functions, including assessment development.  HR Manager provides data for job design, recruitment and selection, performance management, and career planning on the basis of governmentwide job analyses.  Occupational data are currently available for occupations in the following job families:

  • Clerical and Technical
  • Professional and Administrative
  • Leadership and Managerial
  • Information Technology
  • Trades and Labor
  • Science and Engineering
  • Law Enforcement
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