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Executives, Leaders & Federal Hiring

Executive and Leadership Hiring and Development

Staff Acquisition has the expertise to help you assess and hire executives and senior leaders for your organization. We will help you fill existing Senior Executive Service (SES) vacancies or anticipated future needs through your agency’s leadership development program. Staff Acquisition can guide your own experts or manage the entire recruitment and selection process for you. We will help you establish a multiple-hurdle evaluation approach that will efficiently identify the very best candidates for your leadership positions.

For your SES positions, we will work with your HR and Executive Resources staffs to publicize vacancies, evaluate and rate SES applicants, and provide lists of qualified SES candidates.

For leadership development programs, we typically prepare an online program participation invitation and self-nomination process based on OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs). The online self-nomination process will include an initial screening questionnaire and a written Accomplishment Record. The online questionnaire screens the applicants based on their initial responses. Then, quality reviews of the candidates’ ECQs are performed by our expert evaluators. Ratings from this phase will determine nominees selected to participate in the final selection assessment.

We can assist you with candidate selection from beginning to end, including recruitment/branding, online announcement and application, candidate assessment, and final selection decisions. We recommend a multiple-hurdle approach to selection of future leaders, including initial online screening, Accomplishment Record, Leadership Assessment Center, and Structured Interview. The selection process is built on leadership competencies linked to OPM’s ECQs. Our experienced personnel research psychologists and human resource specialists are available throughout the process to assist you with the recruitment and assessment strategy, as well as final selection decisions.

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