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USA Staffing is the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's hiring software solution for Federal agencies. USA Staffing positions agencies to acquire, assess, certify, select, and onboard qualified candidates precisely, efficiently and cost-effectively. It provides the up-to-date tools agencies need for strengthening the foundation of great government - your workforce. Created by OPM and based on the experience of more than 50 Federal agencies, USA Staffing is an off-the-shelf software solution for automating staffing and assessment. It combines core and advanced features in a user-friendly, web-enabled software solution. USA Staffing is compliant with Federal hiring regulations and meets Federal Information Technology (IT) security requirements.

USA Staffing Equips Users To:

  • Develop and post clear and attractive job opportunity announcements
  • Create web-based assessment tools determined by job analysis data
  • Store and reuse assessment and announcement templates
  • Review applications, resumes, and other documents online
  • Rate and rank applicants using single or multiple assessments
  • Electronically refer candidates to hiring officials for review and selection
  • Notify applicants of their status throughout the hiring process
  • Audit certificates of eligible candidates online
  • Electronically onboard selected applicants
  • Transmit onboarding forms and applicant documents to eOPF
  • Document the recruitment process in compliance with rules and regulations
  • Achieve the 80 day hiring timeline standards

USA Staffing Offers Agencies:

  • More than 35 years of automated hiring experience for Federal agencies
  • Ability to accept applications via the Internet
  • Ability to notify applicants of their status
  • Scalability for high-volume usage
  • Compliance with Federal IT security requirements
  • Total agency integration with USAJOBS ®
  • Better than 99.5% system availability
  • Help desk support for users and applicants
  • Robust reporting through a combination of standard reports, data exports, and an ad hoc reporting tool
  • Complete hosting in a secure Federal facility
  • System and data redundancy at a Federal disaster recovery site

USA Staffing ® - Great Government Starts Here ®

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