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Telework Survey

The Telework Satisfaction Survey measures supervisors’ and employees’ telework experience on four dimensions to assess any changes and establish a baseline to track agency satisfaction.

Four Telework Dimensions

Allowing employees to work from alternative worksites has positive outcomes for both federal agencies and their employees. The Telework Satisfaction Survey is designed to specifically measure supervisors and employees on four telework dimensions:

  • Telework Satisfaction
  • Knowledge of Telework Eligibility
  • Perceptions of Performance Management in the Telework Environment
  • Engagement in the Telework Environment

Establishing a Baseline and Assessing Changes

OPM consultants survey supervisors and frontline employees separately to ascertain the differences these groups may have on the four dimensions. Survey items are tailored specifically to the agency’s needs, and a report is provided documenting the results of the survey. The Telework Satisfaction Survey can also be used to assess any changes in the four dimensions after other telework services have been delivered (e.g., telework training, task analysis, etc.) and help establish a baseline and track agency telework satisfaction and culture.

For more information about the Telework Satisfaction Survey, contact us at

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