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Transformation IQ

Transformation IQ: A Better Way

Too often, reorganizations are painful, difficult experiences for everyone involved. Usually, it’s because boxes are simply being moved around the organizational chart rather than thoughtfully considering the organization’s mission and aligning staff capabilities and interests with it. Making the wrong choices can be costly, cause grievances, and may be worse than just doing nothing at all.

Successfully restructuring an organization takes vision and confidence. Intentional, transparent choices help employees feel engaged throughout the entire process. Transformation IQ helps you take care of your people while optimizing your positions. Our objective third-party support reduces the tension and stress of restructuring.

Transformation IQ changes the restructuring dynamic by aligning objectives, mission goals, and employee interests (I) and qualifications (Q) using a valid, informed, and effective process. We use data-driven methods to assess your organizational and operational needs and gain a complete understanding of individual employees. Transformation IQ is the better way to reorganize and optimize your workforce.

Data-Driven Insights

Transformation IQ provides the framework, process, and tools to get the right people with the right skills in the right place to reach your mission goals. Our industrial-organizational psychologists and HR consultants use government reorganization research, extensive experience, and data-driven methods to assess employees' interests and qualifications. From this information, we create defensible position placements aligned with your reorganization objectives.

  • Identify Potential for Success: Customize multi-faceted assessments to get a complete view of each employee and their capability to succeed.
  • Measure Abilities: Capture rigorous, objective data on essential judgments and behaviors.
  • Reorganize with Confidence: Identify the right employees with the needed skills and matching interests for identified business needs.

Manage Change, Engage Employees

The climate and practices developed during a reorganization can have long-lasting impacts on how you achieve your goals and mission. Undergoing dramatic change requires strong leadership support and consistent involvement. Employees need to understand the changing nature of their organization and the way their work will be restructured. To keep your organization performing at the highest possible level, we assist you in developing a comprehensive change management strategy.

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