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Outplacement Assistance

OPM offers a workshop series on interviewing techniques, resume and application writing, job search strategies, career exploration, and understanding the new employment contract. In today’s workforce, employees must continue to refine their skills to increase their marketability and competitiveness. Career development and enhancement is critical to all organizations, not just those susceptible to downsizing.

For employees impacted by downsizing, OPM can also provide one-on-one counseling. Each employee will have the opportunity to work with an OPM counselor to review areas of employment interest, current skills, knowledge and abilities and how best to prepare a resume and prepare for an interview. OPM counselors will also work with employees on options for training, opportunities to explore competency development, and development of a personal timeline for career planning. OPM counselors will provide individual assessments of an employee’s job qualifications against vacancies for which the employee intends to apply.

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