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Task & Suitability Analysis

OPM works with managers and employees to identify which positions are compatible for telework, what tasks within those positions may be completed remotely, and how many days per week an employee may reasonably telework.

Determining Eligibility and Expectations

To have effective telework agreements, managers and employees need to have clear expectations of who will be eligible to telework and what activities should be completed while teleworking. A lack of clear expectations can lead to dissatisfaction with telework on the manager's behalf, and poorer work performance on the employee's behalf. 

One way to establish a common viewpoint is to review positions to determine their telework eligibility and what tasks are capable of being performed in the telework environment. OPM consultants can perform a task analysis of various job series or positions to determine if they are telework eligible. 

Identifying Suitable Positions

OPM consultants work with managers and employees to identify:

  • What positions are compatible with telework
  • What tasks within those positions may be completed remotely
  • Within these given positions, how many days per week an employee may reasonably telework

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