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Program Evaluation

OPM consultants can conduct a systematic, in-depth analysis of an agency’s telework program to identify success indicators, assess the program effectiveness using indicators deemed important by the agency, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Recently there has been a large push in the federal sector to expand and improve upon telework programs and initiatives. OPM consultants can provide guidance to agencies on how to evaluate the effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of a telework program.

As a part of the evaluation phase, this service includes:

  • Evaluating agency documents on organizational performance against overarching measures found in research that assess telework effectiveness
  • Identifying ROI factors suitable to measure for that program
  • Providing an estimate of difficulty if the agency chooses to implement the measures and/or assisting the agency with implementing the measures
  • Providing a benchmark analysis of the telework program compared to similar programs
  • Highlighting best practices

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