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OPM Improves Leadership 360™ Assessment

As part of the Human Resources Solutions (HRS) organization’s continuous improvement efforts, HRS recently took its venerable Leadership 360™ assessment and made it even better. The OPM Leadership 360™ has long been the Federal sector standard for obtaining quality multi-source leadership assessment, but through this “refresh” process, HRS revisited the content, processes, and deliverables associated with the assessment to ensure they continue to provide state of the industry features. HRS solicited feedback from agency clients and internal OPM stakeholders, and designed, built, tested and implemented enhancements guided by the academic literature and HRS’s singular expertise in organizational assessment. Major additions to the latest generation of Leadership 360™ include an “Other” rating category, importance ratings, highlighted “derailers,” and an interpretation guide to supplement individual feedback reports. HRS also made a number of aesthetic and usability improvements, including revamping the design and layout of the individual feedback reports to reflect the enhanced content and deliver a more intuitive yet highly informative feedback experience. As a result, the OPM Leadership 360™ has retained the features that made it an industry leader while adding many attractive new ones. For more information on how to leverage the power of the Leadership 360™ assessment experience, please contact Michael Rossi at

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