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New OPM Leadership Certificate Helps Professionals Gain Greater Influence in their Careers

April 10, 2012

In challenging times, leadership training is more important than ever for individuals to accomplish Agency missions and to advance their careers.

OPM helps agencies and individuals build the competencies for success through top shelf leadership development programs offered through the Federal Executive Institute and the Management Development Centers. These programs are designed to strengthen competencies consistent with the Federal Executive Core Qualifications, and help set the stage for individual career growth and agency succession planning.

Participants can enroll in programs based on specific needs, or they may opt to enroll as part of the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) certificate training, which helps Federal employees navigate a pathway for career development and growth.

Participants receive a LEAD certificate by completing five of OPMs leadership development programs over a three-year period. LEAD Certificates are available for five levels of Leadership: Team/Project Lead, Supervisor, Manager, Executive, and the new Professional level for strategic or subject matter experts who do not supervise others.

OPMs LEAD Certificate Program is the best solution for helping agencies tackle their leadership challenges. It is the only Federally recognized program that offers contemporary training programs that are relevant to the specific needs of leaders at each level of career responsibility. Moreover, OPMs LEAD certificate program is recognized across all agencies and easy to procure under streamlined inter-agency agreements.

For those looking to build an effective Individual Development Plan that invigorates their careers and opens doors to further growth and transformation, visit OPMs Leadership Website,, or contact the LEAD Program Manager, Claire Thurston at

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