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Staff Acquisition Solutions staff is experienced in recruitment outreach efforts, publicizing your vacancies, and working with applicant pools to help them apply for Government jobs. We support Federal, State, and Local government managers by providing the tools, strategies, and proven methodologies needed to attract and retain top performers for their organizations. We will work with you to meet your recruitment challenges by offering tailored solutions that include:

  • Developing recruitment strategies and evaluating the success of your recruitment programs.
  • Producing recruitment brand identity materials: taglines, logos, brochures, web sites, posters, videos, CD-ROMs and television ads.
  • Creating partnerships with vendors that have specific expertise in Government agency marketing.
  • Establishing long-term partnerships with key organizations and educational institutions.

Recruitment Practices Assessment

Staff Acquisition consultants will analyze your current recruitment processes and recommend strategies to more effectively attract a diverse and qualified candidate pool for key positions. During our consultation, we will:

  • Review your agency’s workforce plan, current workforce trends, web presence, vacancy announcements, and other pertinent documents.
  • Survey and/or hold focus groups with key employees and stakeholders to gather data on the recruitment processes you have, and which ones your stakeholders believe you need.
  • Recommend an end-to-end recruitment business process presented in a robust findings report. Our research methodology, an analysis of your agency’s current processes, recommended changes to your recruitment processes, and strategies for achieving your agency’s staff acquisition goals will all be included in this customized product.
  • Tailor this service to your specific needs and the scope of your recruitment functions

In our work with our Federal clients, Staff Acquisition has found that a realistic job preview (RJP) can be a powerful tool in both attracting and retaining talent. An RJP involves providing the applicant with a fuller picture about the duties and context of the position, including the conditions of employment. RJPs can be added to the recruitment process to provide applicants with detailed information about a position, which can be presented in a variety of formats, including videos, verbal presentations, job tours, and written brochures. They are relatively inexpensive to implement, have been shown to increase job satisfaction and decrease turnover, and can save your organization time and money. During our consultation, we’ll determine whether your organization can benefit from providing RJPs to applicants.

Recruitment Sourcing

Candidate Sourcing Plan

Staff Acquisition develops candidate sourcing plans that draw a high-quality, diverse applicant pool to meet critical hiring needs. Staff Acquisition has enjoyed repeated success in using nationwide recruitment sites, Internet sources, and publications to target the best applicants for specific occupational series. In collaboration with your agency’s subject matter experts, Staff Acquisition will determine the best way to reach targeted applicant groups, exploring the right sources and strategic partnerships with schools, colleges, professional associations, other agencies, and outside groups. These services are highly recommended for hard-to-fill occupations, since they will yield a greater pool of candidates with the specialized qualifications you need.

Recruitment Branding

Employer Branding and Marketing

Staff Acquisition partners with preferred marketing communications vendors to help build an agency’s employment brand and attract targeted candidates. We will help design recruitment materials, craft your unique brand message and marketing strategy, and devise a communications plan for increasing internal and external brand awareness. Finally, we can enhance your web presence to ensure it attracts your targeted candidate population.

Our expertise and efforts will help:

  • Differentiate your agency from other employers
  • Highlight your unique workplace culture and career opportunities
  • Increase your name recognition in the market for talent through visual, artistic, audio and photographic mass media

Recruitment Advertising

Through partnerships with specialized vendors, Staff Acquisition produces professional recruitment commercials and coordinates media placement and purchasing to raise your organization’s profile in the marketplace. We write descriptive, enticing advertisements that accurately depict the key goals of both the agency and position, to attract the right candidates for mission-critical positions.

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