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Pay & Leave Salaries & Wages

Salary Table No. 2021-ES

Rates of Basic Pay for Members of the Senior Executive Service (SES)

Effective January 2021

Structure of the SES Pay System Minimum Maximum
Agencies with a Certified SES Performance Appraisal System $132,552 $199,300
Agencies without a Certified SES Performance Appraisal System $132,552 $183,300

Section 748 of division E of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, continues a freeze on the payable rates of pay for certain senior political officials through January 1, 2022. Under the pay freeze, the 2021 payable rates for freeze-covered senior political officials serving in an EX position, or in a position for which the rate of pay is fixed by statute at an EX rate, are as follows:
EX-I: $203,500; EX-II: $183,100; EX-III: $168,400; EX-IV: $158,500; and EX-V: $148,500. However, the official EX pay rates for 2021 in the table above are in effect and used in establishing pay limitations for employees not covered by the pay freeze.

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