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Personnel Documentation



Our Agency issues Governmentwide guidance on documenting individuals' Federal employment. OPM and the agency human resources offices use these documents to make decisions about employees' rights and benefits throughout their careers. Here you'll find instructions for Federal agencies' human resources offices on preparing personnel actions and keeping the Official Personnel Folder.

Guide to Processing Personnel Actions

The Guide to Processing Personnel Actions (GPPA) posted on this site is the most current version. All chapters of the GPPA are currently being revised.  As each chapter is revised, the date it was last updated is noted beside each chapter title. This document contains information on how to prepare and process personnel actions, Standard Form 52 (SF-52), and Standard Form 50 (SF-50).

Note: As GPPA chapters are being revised, changes and/or deletions to information contained in chapters are documented as follows:

  1. Changes in text or data are documented using angled right and left brackets surrounding the changed text or data in dark red font. Example: >Changed Text<
  2. Deletion of text or data is documented by three green asterisks. Example: ***
  3. All symbols referencing historical changes made to previous versions will be removed from revised chapters.

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Updates reflecting changes to pages in the Guide are reflected below. Collectively, updates are already included within the Guide available on this site.

Updates to the Guide to Processing Personnel Actions
Update Effective Date
Update 81 05/19/23
Update 80 04/18/23
Update 79 04/18/23
Update 78 04/18/23
Update 77 04/10/23
Update 76 04/10/23

Update 75 - Chapter 15

Update 75 - Chapter 16

Update 74 07/15/22

Update 73 - Chapter 9

Update 73 - Chapter 10

Update 72 03/05/17
Update 71 01/10/16
Update 70 11/01/15
Update 69 01/11/15
Update 68 11/06/14
Update 67 11/06/14
Update 66 04/04/14
Update 65 02/09/14
Update 64 10/06/13
Update 63 07/28/13
Update 62 04/03/13
Update 61 01/27/13
Update 60 10/18/12
Update 59 07/10/12
Update 58 05/22/12
Update 57 03/11/12
Update 56 01/01/12
Update 55 10/09/11
Update 54 03/01/11
Update 53 09/12/10
Update 52 03/28/10
Update 51 09/13/09
Update 50 06/07/09
Update 49 02/01/09
Update 48 10/21/08
Update 47 12/23/07
Update 45 08/06/06
Update 41 05/06/03
Update 40 06/30/02
Update 39 01/27/02
Update 38 11/04/01
Update 37 06/03/01
Update 36 12/31/00
Update 35 10/01/00

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Personnel Recordkeeping (GPR)

Personnel recordkeeping regulations are found in part 293 of title 5, Code of Federal Regulations. These regulations establish policies and minimum requirements governing the creation, development, maintenance, processing, use, and disposition.

The Guide to Personnel Recordkeeping is written in plain language and provides guidance to assist agencies with day to day personnel recordkeeping requirements.

The most recent Updates reflecting changes to pages in this Guide are reflected below. Updates, recent or otherwise, are archived. Collectively, Updates are already included within the Guide available on this site.

Updates to the Guide to Personnel Recordkeeping
Update Date
Update 13 Guide to Personnel Recordkeeping 06/01/2011
Update 13a 07/01/2017
Update 8 12/14/2001
Update 7 05/31/2001
Update 6 10/31/2000

Requesting Official Personnel Folder (eOPF)

Current Employees

The Official Personnel Folders (OPFs) and electronic official personnel folders (eOPF), including SF 50s, for current Federal employees are stored at the employee’s current employing agency. If you are a current Federal employee seeking guidance regarding specific circumstances of your employment, SF-50, records or if you want to access your OPF or eOPF or have questions about the same, contact your employing agency’s Human Resources Office for assistance.

OPF/eOPF Amendments

If you feel that your official personnel folder is in error, please contact your agency’s HR office.

Former Employees

The Official Personnel Folders (OPFs), including SF 50s, for most former civilian Federal employees are stored at the address below. Please mail your request to:

National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)
1411 Boulder Boulevard
Valmeyer, IL 62295

Or you may fax your hand signed request to the NPRC at telephone number 618-935-3014. More information is available on the NPRC website.

The location of records of former military employees varies depending on the branch of service and date of separation from service. Please visit NARA’s site on Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs) for details.

OPF/eOPF Amendments

If you feel that your official personnel folder is in error, please submit a written request to:U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Office of the Chief Information Officer
Chief, Records Management and Data Policy
1900 E Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20415-7900

Your request must include your hand written signature and all of the following information:

  • Social Security Number
  • Date of birth
  • Name of last agency where employed
  • Approximate date when you left Federal service
  • Details of the error you wish to be addressed

Have questions? Check out our Personnel Documentation Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at


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