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Human Capital Reviews (HCR)

Human Capital Reviews (HCR) are OPM’s annual, evidence-based review of an agency’s design and implementation of its HCOP, independent audit, and HRStat programs to support mission accomplishment and human capital outcomes. An HCR is an annual discussion primarily focused on agency human capital results in connection with goals in the agency Human Capital Operating Plans (HCOP) and their impact on meeting agency strategic goals. 

The HCR is an agency’s opportunity to obtain focused, high-level, feedback from OPM on its strategic HC progress for the purpose of informing agency strategic HC planning.  At its core is a meeting between agency HC leaders and OPM to discuss the implementation and achievement of HC goals, including risks, barriers, and successful practices.  The meeting allows OPM to engage in an interactive dialogue with agencies, leveraging its ability to provide high-level feedback, identify and share successful practices, identify root causes of issues facing agencies, help develop solutions, and highlight crosscutting HC challenges that warrant further attention.  Feedback may also address agency progress in meeting priorities in the FWPR, which informs agency strategic and HC planning and agencies’ efforts in closing skills gaps.

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