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Reference Materials

Below are some reference materials to help users better understand Federal pay and leave. We hope you find these materials helpful, and we will add to them over time as new policies develop, and based on user feedback.

Index of Laws, Regulations, and Other References Related to Pay Administration

This index highlights the laws, regulations, and other references relating to Federal pay administration. The index is a valuable resource for researching major pay subject-matter areas. Many of the cited documents are available on the Internet. You also may contact your agency's human resources office, library, legal office, or information technology office to obtain copies of the documents cited (e.g., laws, regulations, Executive orders, etc.). Since each agency is responsible for Federal pay administration, it is imperative that you also consult your agency's internal policies and collective bargaining agreements, as applicable.

Extension of Locality Pay to Employees Not Under the General Schedule

5 U.S.C. 5304 authorizes locality pay for Federal employees in the General Schedule pay system. The law also authorizes the President to extend locality pay to employees in other pay systems. The President delegated this authority to his Pay Agent in Executive Order 12748, as amended. The law requires locality pay extensions be renewed each year. The Office of Personnel Management handles this matter on behalf of the other members of the President's Pay Agent-the Secretary of Labor and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

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