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Data Policy & Guidance



OPM, through its Records Management and Data Policy Group, provides OPM management and Federal Government-wide agencies governance processes related to the management of OPM’s internal and government-wide records program and related forms in compliance with federal records and personnel data management standards. The Group leads the agency’s Record Keeping program and the development and implementation of personnel data policy and standards for the federal government. In addition, the group provides federal workforce data to various customers (Government-wide agencies, OMB, media, and general public). Governance includes policy for Data Standards, Guide to Human Resource Reporting, Guide to Processing Personnel Actions, and Personnel Record keeping.

Personnel Data File Edits

The Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) warehouse is a reporting system that stores HR, Payroll, and Training workforce information sent from Executive Branch agencies. Agency officials who are responsible for preparing, submitting, and correcting HR, payroll, and training data will use the Personnel Data File Edits Guide to understand how EHRI edits data received from agencies.

Information and updates to the Personnel Data File Edits Guide are communicated via the EHRI Listserv. To subscribe or unsubscribe, visit EHRI Listserv

Updates to the Personnel Data File Edits

A summary of changes can be found in the Appendix.
Update Date
Update 64 01/01/2016
Update 63 01/01/2015
Update 62 09/15/2014
Update 61 08/01/2013
Update 60 02/01/2011

Guide to Human Resources Reporting (GHRR)

Data Standards

Guide to Data Standards

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has implemented a web based Metadata Repository (MDR) that will store all data standards information. The MDR will be accessed by a User page, which is the "new system interfaces that utilize industry best-practice architectures” and that allows the old data standard guides to be accessible thru search engines instead of the previously used PDF versions. 

Access the data standards web-based search engine:

For official changes to Data Standards fill out Data Element Request Form and email it to

Note:  For OPM internal users, access THEO to fill out OPM Form 1828a.

Instructional Program Data Standard

The National Center for Education Statistics maintains comprehensive implementation and other user information about the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) from which these codes and names/explanations are drawn at Instructional Program. Visit the website to view OPM's Instructional Program Data Standard.

Duty Station Locator System

Personnel Office Identifier (POI)


  1. General
    1. Personnel Office Identifier (POI). A Personnel Office Identifier is a unique number that is assigned by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to identify a Federal civilian personnel office that has been delegated authority to appoint and separate employees, prepare personnel actions, maintain official personnel records, and administer programs for staff compensation, training and development, benefits and awards, and employee/labor relations. POIs are not intended for tracking purposes.
    2. Use of Data. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) maintains a file of official personnel offices containing the mailing addresses, names and telephone numbers of responsible officials. Researchers and analysts at the Government Accountability Office, Merit Systems Protection Board, Office of Personnel Management and other agencies use the file to expedite the distribution of employee surveys and to perform other studies and analysis using the reporting data. Therefore, it is important that agencies keep address and contact information current and promptly report any new or terminated personnel offices to the OPM. OPM also maintains a database of active POI codes which is accessible to agencies throughout the Federal Government for their perspective use. Users may access this database by clicking on this link → POI codes.
  2. Reporting Requirements
    1. Agencies must complete and submit OPM Form 1396 (Request to Establish or Discontinue a Personnel Office Identifier (POI) or to Change POI Information) when the following takes place:
      • (1) New personnel offices are established.
      • (2) Personnel offices are discontinued.
      • (3) Changes are made to any of the requested information on the Form, including:
        • mailing address of the personnel office,
        • name or telephone number of the personnel officer, or
        • name or telephone number of the contact for employee surveys.
    2. Request should be submitted via email to
    3. Agencies will be notified via email when the requested action has been taken.


POI Search Page

POI Request Form (OPM Form 1396)

Control Panel