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Featured Topics


Featured Topics

Work Life Program Evaluation Guide

The primary purpose of this guide is to assist Federal agencies with developing strategies to capture the benefits and costs associated with the use of work-life programs.

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Telework Report to Congress

This report provides an overview of Federal telework programs and shows the continued progress of telework in the Federal Government.

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Work Life Leave and Flexibilities Training

This is the Worklife Leave and Flexibilities Training course designed to help managers and employees understand the resources and flexible workplace options available in the Federal Government and how to access and use those resources.

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Federal Work Life Survey

The Federal Work-Life Survey offered an opportunity to evaluate the relationship between work-life programs and organizational benefits and answered questions about how Federal programs compare to similar private sector programs.

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Work-Life CHCO Memos

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CHCOC Memo Date Description
Supporting the Mental Health and Well-Being of Federal Employees 05/18/2022 During Mental Health Awareness Month this May, OPM is working with Federal agencies to ensure that Federal employees are aware of and know how to access the mental health benefits available to them.
Promoting Wellness 05/23/2022 In observance of Employee Health and Wellness Month OPM promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through worksite health promotion activities and offers resources and tools available to agencies.
Well Check 08/29/2019 WellCheck is an online assessment that helps agencies prioritize high-impact, evidence-based health behavior improvement strategies by assessing worksite health and wellness programs to identify opportunities for improvement.
Employee Health and Fitness Month 05/23/2018 This memo offers valuable resources and tools available to agencies as they continue to achieve goals in May and throughout the year.
National Work and Family Month 10/08/2019 In observance of National Work and Family Month this month, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) highlights the ways agencies can leverage work-life programs to support the effective management of a 21st century Federal workforce.
WorkLife Program Evaluation Guide – Evidence Based Strategies to Capture the Benefits and Costs 07/16/2019 This memo provides guidance on evidence-based strategies to capture the benefits and costs of Federal work-life programs to include strategies for evidence-based decision-making, including strategic planning, implementation, development, and evaluation.
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