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Workforce Reshaping

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To meet the needs of the American people, the Federal Government is engaging in continuous efforts to become more effective and efficient. Therefore, a continual cycle of workforce planning is required to determine how the Federal workforce can best fulfill the various missions entrusted to government. At times, an analysis of the workforce may reveal the need for new skills and types of work, the need for fewer or more positions in different places throughout the country, and the need to design new ways of working to leverage technology. Agency leaders and human resources practitioners can shape the Federal workforce so that it is better able to serve the American people and fulfill the critical functions of governance. This overview is designed to assist workforce reshaping efforts by providing available options and considerations.

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Planning a Strategic Approach

How to Create a Workforce Plan that Supports Mission Accomplishment Using Human Capital Analytics
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Implementing Reshaping Options

How to Select and Use Workforce Reshaping Options to Maintain an Effective and Efficient Workforce
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Supporting the Workforce

How to Support Employees during Change Using Transition Assistance Programs and Work-Life Resources
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Sustaining High Performance

How to Use Employee Development and Performance Management to Maximize Employee Engagement and Accountability
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Human Resources Solutions

How to Strategize, Acquire, Engage, and Transform Your Workforce with OPM’s Human Capital Consultants
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