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Settlement of Accounts for Deceased Employees



This site contains decisions we have issued since July 1, 1996, under § 5582 of title 5 United States Code (U.S.C.) (claims for unpaid compensation of deceased employees), and 38 U.S.C. § 5122 and (claims for the benefits of deceased beneficiaries of Veterans' benefits).

This site contains a search engine and the rules of procedures for submitting claims.

Some information within these documents has been withheld from disclosure under the Privacy Act exemption to the Freedom of Information Act, primarily the name, address and other personal information related to the claimant. A [xxx] symbol indicates where information has been withheld under this exemption.

All decisions since October 1, 1997, include the file number and date. Many decisions issued before that date are undated.  Instructions for submitting these claims are included in the rules of procedure.

Settlement of Accounts - Claim Decisions

List of Claim Decisions

Decision File NumberColumn Sort Down ArrowColumn Sort Up Arrow

List of Claim Decisions
Date File Number
1996 S000877
1996 S9601661
1997 1997-00046
1997 S9700337
1997 S9700453
May 15, 1998 S98001507
November 16, 1998 S002389
January 8, 1999 S98002222
February 20, 2001 002978
May 8, 2001 003118
June 3, 2004 04-0020
June 3, 2004 04-0021
July 10, 2007 07-0032
July 10, 2007 07-0033
March 24, 2009 08-0117
February 13, 2013 12-0010
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