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Hurricane Guidance



This website provides information on Federal human resources (HR) benefits and flexibilities useful to Federal employees, annuitants, survivors, and agencies affected by Hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Agency Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs) regularly communicate the impact of Hurricanes on their agency websites. CHCOs and OPM will address HR–related questions and hardships our Federal community experiences as a result of natural disasters.

During the aftermath of Hurricanes, we will update this hurricane page and our social networks to relay new HR information, and we will remind you about HR benefits and flexibilities which are already available. Information related to specific Hurricanes is available below.


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Emergency Leave Transfer

In the event of a major disaster or emergency that results in severe adverse affects for a substantial number of employees, the President may direct the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to establish an emergency leave transfer program. Under the ELTP, Federal employees in the executive or judicial branches, or an agency leave bank, may donate annual leave for transfer to employees who are adversely affected, or have family members who are adversely affected, by the disaster or emergency. This program, which is administered at the agency level, provides Federal employees with a special opportunity to help their fellow workers in times of need. You can find ELT guidance on a specific hurricane by visiting our hurricane overview page.

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