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Federal Work-Life Survey



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The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) administered the first Governmentwide Federal Work-Life Survey from January to March 2017, in support of efforts to develop and sustain an engaged, innovative, and productive Federal workforce. Our commitment to workplace flexibilities and employee wellness makes the Federal Government an ideal place for employees to build their careers and cultivate fulfilling lives outside the workplace.

The Federal Work-Life Survey offered an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate the relationship between work-life programs and organizational benefits, and answered questions about how Federal programs compare to similar private sector programs. The data collected also help individual agencies understand their employees' work-life needs and priorities, allowing senior leaders and managers to make evidence-based decisions about support for and investments in these programs. Furthermore, the Governmentwide results were analyzed to identify and share high-performing programs, common barriers, and recommendations to create a work environment that supports the success of organizations and its employees. To view results, download full report located below.

Additional Survey Insights

Work-life programs have significant benefits to our Federal workforce and positively impact recruitment, retention and organizational performance. Strong evidence continues to emerge that demonstrate the use of Federal work-life programs are a strategic business practice that increases employee performance, engagement, and satisfaction.

The materials highlight information obtained from OPM’s 2018 Federal Work-Life Survey  sharing insight, best practices, and benefits of different work-life programs and workplace flexibilities. 

All materials are available for download.

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Work-life: Myth-Busters

This factsheet unlocks work-life myths and helps agencies understand how supporting the well-being of employees can positively impact the work environment.

Download PDF


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) -- Governmentwide Averages Compared to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

This infographic highlights the success of one agency’s program. According to data from the Federal Work-Life Survey, USAID has documented high EAP participation and positive satisfaction and outcomes above Governmentwide percentages of all agencies surveyed.

Download PDF


Health and Wellness Have Benefits for All

This infographic highlights the positive outcomes reported by employees of all generations for health and wellness programs.

Download PDF


Family & Dependent Care (FDC) -- Care around the Clock

This factsheet includes data from the Federal Work-Life Survey that show that dependent care responsibilities are around the clock. Employers should focus on supporting these workers to be successful in the workplace.

Download PDF


Telework Insights Paper: A Current Review of Telework in the Federal Government to Support a 21st Century Workforce

This paper provides a broad overview of the current state of telework in the Federal Government and provides key issues, insights, and implications for practice.

This paper provides a broad overview of the current state of telework in the Federal Government and provides key issues, insights, and implications for practice.

Download PDF


OPM developed the survey sample by using a stratified random sampling method to obtain generalizable results intended to represent the Federal Government. A total of 64,474 employees responded to the survey out of the 196,489 to whom it was sent, for a response rate of 37%. Survey participants represent 101 headquarter and level one component agencies/departments within the Executive Branch across the Federal Government. Full–time and part–time permanent, non–seasonal and seasonal employees were eligible to participate in the survey. Data were weighted to produce survey estimates that represent all federal employees by demographic characteristics (gender, age, ethnicity, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

Public Data File

Thank you for your interest in the Federal Work-Life Survey. Once you click the link below, the public release data zip file will begin downloading. Please check your internet browser settings if you are unable to download the file.

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