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Reference Materials

The information provided in this website is one source you may consult in developing effective assessment strategies. We encourage you to consult the resources below for additional information and guidance.

Assessment Decision Guide

The Assessment Decision Guide includes information on personnel assessment, assessment methods, and assessment strategy design.

Leadership Competency Proficiency Levels

The Leadership Competency Proficiency Levels document contains proficiency level illustrations for 28 Leadership Competencies. Proficiency levels indicate different levels of expertise or mastery in a competency. The illustrations provide examples of work behavior at each proficiency level.

Governmentwide competency studies conducted by OPM and available for your use

Sources of Additional Guidance

Getting Expert Help

The issues to consider when selecting or developing an assessment strategy or specific assessment tool are complex. Measurement specialists can assist in selecting or developing valid, fair, and effective assessment strategies to meet specific hiring needs. Many vendors offer professionally-developed assessments. Each agency is responsible for ensuring assessments meet applicable regulatory and statutory requirements. Agencies should ensure they develop and maintain the necessary documentation to support their selection processes.

Still have questions?

Visit the Assessment Policy FAQ page to see answers to commonly asked assessment questions or learn how to contact us if you have additional questions.

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