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Employee Wellness Programs


Employee Wellness Programs, (EWPs) are at the forefront of promoting and sustaining employee well-being as they are designed to foster the mental, emotional, and physical prosperity of federal employees by providing tools and resources which can optimize both employee and organizational success. These programs include all services and supports provided under a traditional Employee Assistance Program (EAP), in addition to any augmenting resources or programs which can assist employees in addressing health-related issues and support employees in managing their professional and personal lives. 

Targeted Areas of Impact for Employee Wellness Programs 

  1. Increasing Federal Employees’ awareness and knowledge of the full scope of Employee Wellness services and resources available to them;
  2. Minimizing and eliminating negative stigmas associated with seeking mental and behavioral health treatment;
  3. Supporting equity in standards of care and services rendered across Federal EWPs;
  4. Facilitating and increasing ease of access to and engagement with EWP resources for Federal Employees; 
  5. Increasing communication and collaboration across agency EWP and Work Life coordinators; and
  6. Supporting and fostering psychologically safe workplaces and increased cultural competency of professional Employee Wellness service providers across all agencies.
  • Guidance for Agency Leaders & Coordinators

    Explore how agency leaders and coordinators can create effective Employee Wellness Programs for employees

  • Legislation

    Explore more information related to Employee Wellness Programs legislation and policies in the federal government

  • Employee Assistance Programs

    Learn how Employee Assistance Programs help support the federal workforce

  • Services

    Learn about additional resources and tools that agencies can use to support federal employees

  • Resources

    Explore more resources that can assist agency leaders in supporting the well-being of their employees

  • Mental Health

    Explore programs and resources on how to promote mental health and wellness at your agency

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