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One characteristic OPM identified during the HCRs is that innovative agencies engage stakeholders across their networks, scale practices, and incorporate data. Most agencies have a common desire to maximize the use of data through dashboards and integrated datasets. In addition, use of automation to increase efficiency and effectiveness of human capital management is on the rise, and several agencies are implementing new HR service delivery models, which include employee self-service. 


The greatest challenge to innovation is limited financial and/or human resources, which restrict agencies’ capacity to explore opportunities and scale innovations. In addition, while the need to automate and make better use of data is widely felt, agencies are hampered by disparate systems and lack of centralized data governance.

Agency Requests for OPM

Agencies expressed a need to invest in vetting or development of automated tools and data sources to promote access and consistency government wide. Additionally, they are seeking more information (performance capability, IT systems, etc.) on Shared Service Providers (SSPs) to help make informed decisions about vendors. Agencies would also like OPM to collect and share innovative and leading practices regularly and widely with stakeholders.

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